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Consult the I Ching Oracle!

I Ching (
易經), The Book of Changes, is one of the oldest Chinese classic texts. It defines an intricate divination system based on six lines, where each line may either be broken (- - = yin) or unbroken (--- = yang). The resulting 64 hexagrams are each one associated with text of great wisdom.

The process of consulting I Ching as an oracle involves determining the hexagram by a method of random generation and then reading and contemplating the text associated with that hexagram.

How to use the I Ching Oracle App

After stating your question, two hexagrams are created based on the outcome from the casting of three coins in the app; the first Hexagram describes the present situation and the second the future or the developed situation.

This app hence gives the user a simple way to consult the I Ching Oracle and can also be used as reference to determine the meaning of any hexagram or trigram of choice according to I Ching.