Nine To Five - CosmoWerx
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Nine To Five is Time and Activity Tracking App that gives the user a fast and simple way to keep track of daily activities between different projects and locations during work hours with the possibility to generate daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Nine To Five features:

  • Automatic Clock In and Clock Out when entering and leaving the work place using GPS assisted Location Services. This feature can be set to active when App is in background mode (iOS4). Note however that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
  • Manual Clock In and Clock Out of activities between different Projects and Locations
  • Text Notes can be added to each activity
  • Calculation of hours worked each day, week and month including overtime and flextime hours
  • Generation of Timesheet Reports for Months, Weeks and Days in a format compatible with Numbers and Excel (tab-separated lists)
  • Adding of any number of Locations manually or through GPS assisted Location Services
  • A Getting Started Manual

The GUI consists of five Tab Sections:

  • Today - Manual Clock In and Clock Out view
  • Summary - Monthly, weekly and daily summaries
  • Projects - Editable list of Projects
  • Locations - Editable list of Locations
  • Configure - Configuration of GPS assisted Clock In and Out as well as support and simple database management